5 Fakta tentang (ergh) Cinta.

Cuih, i know. i recently have a (good for me) bad breakup. which is really really rough at those times, and i think i wanna share something i learn from it. I always believe that quotes that says “You come into my life, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.” and this one, is a whole big big big lesson. let’s goooh. Indonesia ya bahasanya huahahah


1. Hubungan serius, itu ada di dunia fauna.

Meskipun kita sering menganggap diri kita sebagai spesies yang setia, kita bukan satu-satunya dalam kerajaan hewan. Serigala, angsa, burung bangkai hitam, elang laut dan bahkan rayap  cari jodoh untuk seumur hidup.

2. Cuman butuh waktu 4 (5 deh tergantung mata lo picek apa kagak) buat suka sama orang.

Jika Anda ingin membuat kesan yang baik pada seseorang, Anda hanya punya sekitar 4 menit untuk melakukannya. Hal ini diyakini bahwa ia memiliki hubungan yang lebih dalam dengan bahasa tubuh Anda, nada dan kecepatan suara Anda ada nilai yang ber beda beda di awal pertemuan.

3.Kalo misal ada 2 sejoli yang tatap mata, denyut jantungnya bakalan sama.

Beberapa riset luar biasa telah menemukan bahwa pasangan yang sedang jatuh cinta dan ada ikatan dalam hubungan mereka menyinkronkan denyut jantung mereka setelah menatap mata satu sama lain selama tiga menit.

4.Efek Jatuh cinta sama kayak lu ngisep kokain.

Jatuh cinta (katanya) seperti ngisep kokain, karena kedua pengalaman mempengaruhi otak sama dan memicu sensasi berupa euforia. Penelitian menemukan bahwa jatuh cinta menghasilkan beberapa bahan kimia euforia yang merangsang 12 area otak pada saat yang sama, Persis kayak kokain.

5. Berpelukan bisa meredakan sakit.

Oxytocin, yang disebut cinta atau hormon berpelukan, yang dihasilkan selama pelukan atau berpelukan. Hormon ini muncul dalam otak, indung telur dan testis dan diduga terlibat dalam proses ikatan. Penelitian telah menemukan bahwa dosis oksitosin menurun sakit kepala secara signifikan, dan untuk beberapa rasa sakit hilang sepenuhnya setelah 4 jam. It is definitely worth it untuk mencoba berpelukan sebelum nyoba minum bahan kimia dan pil.


I think that’s all. i actually wanna start a gaming channel in youtube, but my mic is broken recently and i don’t have any mic for now so i think i will try to do gaming channel that plays without webcam. wish me luck guys

Asking the questions of life.

Existential Crisis.

If you heard,  or watch the news about Shia Labeouf lately you might heard about this word. This guy is showing up on red carpet wearing a carton bag mask with words on it that says “I’m not famous anymore.” why did he do it ? and yes, he got arrested. why ? “The “Transformers” actor was led away in handcuffs from a showing of “Cabaret” at a theater at New York’s Studio 54. He was drunk and had been disruptive in the theater, police said.” Quoted from CNN. later on he (shia) said , ” “F**k you. This is f***ing bull****. Do you know my life? Do you know who the f**k I am? Do you know who I am?” after being escorted by the police out of the theatre that showed a broadway, the police stated he lit up a cigarette and yells to the stage. LaBeouf was held overnight.


The question is,
why did he do that ?


An existential crisis is a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of their life: whether their life has any meaning, purpose or value. This issue of the meaning and purpose of existence is the topic of the philosophical school of existentialism. Lately, Shia is not one of the most first option for big time movies, for instance the last transformers main actor is Mark Wahlberg. (maybe) This is one of the problem that triggered shia to do these things. well then, let’s see Shia after he got out from jail, should we ?



“I went through like an existential crisis … I had some hiccups, some judgement errors,” He said. and then Labeouf said “I got in this [entertainment] industry because I had this void. I’m a kid of abandonment and I thought somehow being a good actor would fill that void. I think we suffer from the same thing, which is just a lack of attention and love,” See the difference ? Shia is more humble, and more down to earth in this show, wanna know why ? well,this might help.

An existential crisis may resemble anomie (a personal condition resulting from a lack of norms) or a midlife crisis. Sometimes, an existential crisis stems from a person’s new perception of life and existence. Analogously, existentialism posits that a person can and does define the meaning and purpose of his or her life, and therefore must choose to resolve the crisis of existence.

so, after he got arrested, shia probably find a new perception of life or whatever he wants to find.

Existential crisis is considered to be a direct consequence of depression, being a prevalent symptom especially among children and young adults with above-average intelligence. The issue can be addressed in the same therapeutic and medical manner as ordinary depression, and is usually curable by antidepressants.

Sounds harmful isn’t it ?




Shia is brave enough to tell the world that he had this while other people might be hiding it, In existentialist philosophy, the term ‘existential crisis’ specifically relates to the crisis of the individual when they realize that they must always define their own lives through the choices they make. The existential crisis occurs when one recognizes that even the decision to either refrain from action or withhold assent to a particular choice is, in itself, a choice. In other words, humankind is “condemned” to freedom.


Why am i writing about this ? well, i just feel i want to type this. i feel it, you know. somehow i don’t even exist in my lovely community, it just feels like i’m there, but for them… i don’t think i’m there. you get me ? yes, and i feel what shia feels, but i don’t know what shia finds after he got arrested, I’m not saying i want to get arrested. but hey, i need someone to tell me what’s going on. why am i feeling like this ? why do the worlds is so mean ? well. if you look up on the internet, there’s a how-to get out from the Existential Crisis. did it solve anything ? who knows.


Life is cruel. and that’s the fun part.


Recently, i read an article about pencil. Yes, a pencil. I like the article so much i decide to make a post about it myself, but with a different point of view. Which is… My view.



Pencil could do amazing things with a great hands that guide it.

Give a pencil to a child, then maybe he would make a child drawing, or a childish words. But try to lend it to a professional drawer, it could have been another masterpiece. Depends on the user, pencil could be awesome, if the user can control the pencil. Just like you believe in something that always guide you from up there, yes. GOD.


The more often you sharpen the pencil, The more good it becomes.

From the first time you buy a pencil, it would be blunt and you can write it without sharpening it. And after you sharpen the pencil as you want to, then you can write what you want.In real life you can ride a 2 wheel bike without falling,you fall, and fall, and fall, until you learn to balance your body to ride the bike. Same thing goes to love and life, You have to fall in order to love, you have to let yourself fall in love, until you learn what love is. In life. pretty much the same. Just like a japanese proverb. ” Fall 7 times, Got Up 8 Times.”


Sometimes, the writing from the pencil have to be erased.

Let’s say you wanna write a very…very difficult word in a split second, and then you mistyped the letter, there’s only 1 thing to do right ? yes. erased the mistake and re-write the word. Human do mistakes, erasing doesn’t mean you cover up the mistakes and hide from it, no. You learn from it, why are you doing the mistake you just did, and then learn to fix what you done, so you could be better for later on.


The inside of the pencil is more important.

You know the black thingy from pencil right ? well, that thing is why you can use a pencil. The wooden part is for covering the inside so it would be in a good condition. Just like real life, a person who is sooo beautiful, could maybe not the same as we know after we saw her attitude and stuff. Or maybe a hobo we saw in the streets, maybe they love to share with their friends even if they have nothing.


The writing from the pencil ALWAYS leave a mark.

Do you ever write with a 6B pencil ? it is very bold, and if you try to delete it, it would very hard to erase until it’s clear again. It always leave a mark. always.  Imagine the tree you carve with your name when you’re little you will see it even after 15 years. Every little thing that we do always leave a mark for someone, and the most importantly, ourself. Try to compare it to another thing, like the first girl you kiss when you’re in high school. I beg you still remembered it (don’t you?).Or maybe the memories when you finally try to fightback the bully that harassing you over the years. He probably still remembered that shit, no ? well, you got my point.


So, a lot of amazing things can we learn from a single pencil. It’s amazing how much can we learn from a little, simple thing. I hope you get what i mean from this post. For now, ciao ! 🙂