Random Post

SO… here it goes again. a post. yup. a post. after (maybe) 1 year not a single post coming on this website, i decided to post something random, just like what i usually wrote before this web have it’s own domain.

so… it’s not going well for me for the last 2-3 days for me. no, it’s not about something big. it’s just that i updated my pc to WINDOWS 10. and…. it have it’s up and downs, for example, the pc is more efficient in my pov, the games run smoother, although it takes a lot of data, but i have 1 problem, that really really itching me out.

the steam crashes every 10 minutes.


you read it right.

so my (probably) 500 gb games are gone, i had to reinstall the steam from zero. i already did what the forum said like, fix that, fix this,fix those, and it doesn’t change crap. it’s still crashing constantly.

so. i reinstalled the shit. and then tada. no games. i installed the csgo, because it’s probably the only game i played recently. and then it have no problem. UNTIL

until i wanna message one of my friend.



well. what do you know. win10 is not stable yet.

this is not the only thing that bothers me.

the amount of toxic players in csgo is keep expanding. people who shouts all the time, people that have no chill, people that have no manner, and etc, (not including hackers). as much as i want to ignore it. it stills itching me out. i still baper a bit. so yeah. i kinda sad for the gaming community. (post about jimmy kimmel is another matter)

so… that’s 2.

1 more.

i think……………. i..


i couldn’t.

maybe in the next post. bye.


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