Why do we say “I Love You” Before we sleep ?

I Love You probably is the most famous words in the world. there’s a lot of articles and pictures about how to say “I Love You” but it seems no one knows what it really really means. It seems kinda spiritual, kinda out there. Some say you can feel it but you can’t see it.

Parents usually says ” I Love You” to their kids before go to sleep. Why ?

by WhisperFall

When we sleep, we don’t know what will happen next. Unless, you can see the future, but no… i’m just a normal person like any other human out there. When we sleep,we go to the dreamland, Have something we can’t afford, or reach, or be with someone we never could have. Or maybe, we could probably be dead, Forever sleeping, Forever resting. That’s why i probably wrote this.

Saying something that is so sacred will be meaningless if we repeat it over and over,Hell… even saying something normal over and over would make it meaningless. But, something is different when we said that words before we go to sleep, why ? because we fully give our faith to something that’s not there (well probably if your’e a religious person you give that to god).

What if, the last sentence you give to somebody, it’s their last words someone gave to them ? you want it to looks good right? maybe that’s why a lot of people said that words right before we go to sleep, well… including me. Just imagine, your last words to somebody you really really love is “I LOVE YOU” beautiful ain’t it ?

That’s probably something i really wanna share for the last couple of days, been stuck in my head for weeks, i just need to spit it out and the only media that could deliver my words is my only blog. Also, if it’s not their last words they received that words is still


it’s still beautiful.


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