:  failure to communicate clearly
Miscommunication, Sounds harmful but when in realtionships(mostly) it was the worst thing that can happen to you(and your boy/girlfriends). Not it can destroy what you tlak about, it can destroys anything. It can also be “When what you say isn’t what you mean”. Miscommunication often happens because of lack of knowledge from one of another, because people resources are different it can happens mostly on conversation.
Miscommunication is common when misinterpret the message recipient receives the message from its message. So what often happens is the intent of the giver has its own message and the receiver of the message has its own purpose in his mind and there was what is called Miscommunication.
Perhaps some of the following tips can prevent us from miscommunication, including:
1). Respect your opponent and respect the other person will make us tend to be careful in choosing words
.2). Empathy try to have what is called empathy. And one of the ways, we need to listen and understand in advance the purpose of our interlocutors.
3). Clear and transparent try messages we convey clear, transparent and understandable so as to avoid the multi-interpretation or misinterpretation. Remember, the choice of language and words are important here.
and lastly,

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