I Really Want To Cook Something Today !

So i was wandering around internet this morning in my office because… procrastinating ! Yeah, i really really want to cook something, like meat-y and sugar-y breakfast food that would be melt in the mouth when we’re going to eat it, like yummmm that’s good. you might be thinking “uhh, that’s weird. Sweet Meat ? that doesnt sound so delicate.” Wait until you see the pictures of it.


Sweet Bacon (or Beef Strips) Wrapped Chicken Fillet

This meaty chicken will melt your mouth with beef delicacy, look at the colour of it, the part that shines, it makes you want to taste a bit of it isn’t it?

This Chiken Thighs


I think this is Fried scallop Sandwich

Scallop Sandwich, Fried !

Juicy tomato, Fried Arugula. YUMM !

This Veggie Pizza

Yup. Vegan.


i think that’s all for today, i got bored. lol. maybe later i will record myself cooking something, ciao



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