Satyagraha / सत्याग्रह , is often translated as “insistence on truth” (satya “truth”; agraha “insistence”) or soul force or truth force, is a uncommon philosophy and practice category generally known as nonviolent resistance or civil resistance. The term satyagraha was made and developed by Mahatma Gandhi. He deployed satyagraha in the India when there’s a independence movement and also during his earlier battles in South Africa for Indian rights. Satyagraha theory inspired Nelson Mandela’s struggle in South Africa under apartheid, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s and James Bevel’s campaigns in the United States, and many more.


Satyagraha, It meant to do anything, give anything, sacrifice anything, to pursue what was right without harming another, and to do it without regard to self. This word means a lot to me after i read it in page 215 of James Owen’s book from the serial of Imaginarium Geographica, i love the book, love the series also, and this word is stuck in my head because of all effort to get what was right, and i have to be honest that, it ain’t easy.

Ghandi said, there’s a bunch of rules if you wanna follow this “path” which is not that easy, let me tell some of it.

1. Do not Curse or swear

2. Do not insult the opponent

3. Must have a living faith in Go

4. Must be leading a chaste life, and be willing to die or lose all his possessions

5. Harbour no anger


For me, who is got anger management lately, this is so hard to follow, although i know there’s all about goodness in it. i really, really, really, try to follow the “Satyagraha” path, and be better. Gemini have 2 “minds” inside their head, which is makes things harder for me to follow this… , Maybe soon or later i’ll find my way out of my own misery, maybe someday.


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