idk, I lost my will to live.

Lately,i have no idea what to about my life, neither my blog of course ! so that’s why i haven’t update for such a long(?) time.  Well, here’s the problem… currently i am a student at binus university, studying computer science which is very… very difficult and my grades aren’t get any better too. Meanwhile at my office where i work. i’m having difficulties about my worktime, so i actually required to go to the office 10 times, and with my university schedule and dance practice… it’s just so hard to make a time to go to the office. So, i couldn’t work properly either.I love dancing, but recently i feel frustated about my moves, i just couldn’t do the moves i really wanted to do,and that makes me think about my future, i really do love dancing… and then my coach said to the team that a dancer is an athlete, so in order to be good, you have to practice daily. welp…. another scheduling.


You could say i have 3 main problems in my life right now,first… work…., second…campuslife, third… dance. or you could rearrange the list to whatever do you feel like. The important thing is, i have to fix these problems as soon as possible.. nonetheless i have to diet to support my dance life. Honestly i have no idea what to write about today… and lately i have lost my purpose of life. what is the purpose of life for me? I need to catch it back or find a new one. I really need to fix all my problems.


No one gonna read this anyway. ciao.


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