Recently, i read an article about pencil. Yes, a pencil. I like the article so much i decide to make a post about it myself, but with a different point of view. Which is… My view.



Pencil could do amazing things with a great hands that guide it.

Give a pencil to a child, then maybe he would make a child drawing, or a childish words. But try to lend it to a professional drawer, it could have been another masterpiece. Depends on the user, pencil could be awesome, if the user can control the pencil. Just like you believe in something that always guide you from up there, yes. GOD.


The more often you sharpen the pencil, The more good it becomes.

From the first time you buy a pencil, it would be blunt and you can write it without sharpening it. And after you sharpen the pencil as you want to, then you can write what you want.In real life you can ride a 2 wheel bike without falling,you fall, and fall, and fall, until you learn to balance your body to ride the bike. Same thing goes to love and life, You have to fall in order to love, you have to let yourself fall in love, until you learn what love is. In life. pretty much the same. Just like a japanese proverb. ” Fall 7 times, Got Up 8 Times.”


Sometimes, the writing from the pencil have to be erased.

Let’s say you wanna write a very…very difficult word in a split second, and then you mistyped the letter, there’s only 1 thing to do right ? yes. erased the mistake and re-write the word. Human do mistakes, erasing doesn’t mean you cover up the mistakes and hide from it, no. You learn from it, why are you doing the mistake you just did, and then learn to fix what you done, so you could be better for later on.


The inside of the pencil is more important.

You know the black thingy from pencil right ? well, that thing is why you can use a pencil. The wooden part is for covering the inside so it would be in a good condition. Just like real life, a person who is sooo beautiful, could maybe not the same as we know after we saw her attitude and stuff. Or maybe a hobo we saw in the streets, maybe they love to share with their friends even if they have nothing.


The writing from the pencil ALWAYS leave a mark.

Do you ever write with a 6B pencil ? it is very bold, and if you try to delete it, it would very hard to erase until it’s clear again. It always leave a mark. always.  Imagine the tree you carve with your name when you’re little you will see it even after 15 years. Every little thing that we do always leave a mark for someone, and the most importantly, ourself. Try to compare it to another thing, like the first girl you kiss when you’re in high school. I beg you still remembered it (don’t you?).Or maybe the memories when you finally try to fightback the bully that harassing you over the years. He probably still remembered that shit, no ? well, you got my point.


So, a lot of amazing things can we learn from a single pencil. It’s amazing how much can we learn from a little, simple thing. I hope you get what i mean from this post. For now, ciao ! 🙂




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