Vespa, Internship, and Everything That Has Been Going On.



Vespa, if you’re a friend of mine you probably already know that i ride a vespa on a daily basis, yup i ride a 2013 Piaggio Vespa LX150ie Italia which is designed specifically for me (lol). It have 2 accesories on, a windshield and a baggage box. The mileage itself nearly hits the 800 number, The most far trip that i have tried is from my apartment to somewhere in bintaro and this beauty is a class when you ride it, i love every second of riding this vespa which i called “Pupu”.




I already have a work now ! i’m an assistant director of portal managing from and i almost work there for a month, just wish me luck and having a good time there, and also, tomorrow i have a “Software Engineering” exam, wish me luck for that too !!! i’m in a middle of studying for tomorrow’s exam so i don’t have much time to blog right now, so until i blog again, see ya !


Beauty, isn’t it ?


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