Back with a (lot) of curcol.

Hey ya everyone who reads my blog. ( if there’s any.) i’m back from the real life ! and hello again my dearest , newswest blog that i have never update since a long long time ago! lol anyway i’m gonna tell you a story about what’s going on with my life recently, here goes…


Mechanical Keyboard

Over the past months i’ve been crazily getting into CS:GO and CS:GO Community. after miraculous 17 (or 19) wins i’ve been on Silver Elite rank which is kinda high for the newbie levels. anyway i watch every pro gamer and saw their beautiful keyboard which is not a gaming keyboard, but…. a mechanical keyboard. yes, the keyboard that usually used for typing, (but recently used for pro RTS gamers like starcraft,dota,etc.). 

The keyboards are beautiful! It have modify with a bunch of alternate keycaps that makes the keyboard cuter, cooler, or which way you want the keyboard goes. Anyway, the mechanical keyboard is not very cheap so do i say as a college student, yup… The keyboard itself goes at price range from 100-200 US$ but i have a very specific keyboard that i have target on and that is… KEYCOOL 84 KEY RED LED ! The keyboard itself is very small, only 75% from a full size keyboard and it’s not very very expensive. But, the goodness from keycool makes another problem, and that is… people wants to have it too which makes the stock is very rare and the keycool factory itself has discontinued the product,so… yeah

Here’s the good news ! The newer version of keycool gonna be released soon ( i hope it’s soon enough ) so that just makes me have to be more patient than before. If you want to know how the keyboard looks like i will show it to you below. Check it out !


Pretty right ! OF COURSE !!! Hahahahaha well, just wish me luck i will have the best keyboard at it’s range and it’s good enough for me. Anyway i’m in the middle of mid exam, will post more if i have the mood for it, See ya later !!!!!!!!!!!!!




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